About Dibba

Dibba Al Fujairah - Al Badia  

The name of Dibba, as narrated in history, is mentioned in the book of the countries dictionary of the importance and prestige of Dibba in the pre-Islamic era, he said: (a famous old city, which is mentioned in the days of the Arabs and news and poems, Arabs to the son of the perspective that he was a lot of old. It is unique to other cities in the whole country as it combines history, geography and nature in one painting. The eye is never misses its importance or aesthetics. It is the bride of the eastern coast, which is of a tourist, heritage and cultural nature. It is located on the west coast of the Gulf of Oman. The western stone chain associated with the Ras Musandam Mountains, with an area of ​​720 square kilometers and a population of about 40 thousand people and is located in the city of Fujairah, an area of ​​70 kilometers. The city of Dibba emerged because of its geographical location as a port and commercial road linking the east to the west in the Phoenician era, Known in Jahiliyyah was famous in the Islamic era through the wars of apostasy, then the participation of its army led by Mahlab bin Abi Zafra and with him of its sons in the Islamic conquest in Persia after that and then in its resistance to the Portuguese colonizers during the days of the state of the war and then in the rule of Qawasim and then in the modern era, The place of choice as a resort for the children of the northern Emirates before the emergence of oil and the establishment of the UAE, and then is now in the era of the Union is witnessing huge leaps and successive urban and urban development to look at the beauty and beauty.​​